Dirty Texting Examples That Will Drive Her Wild Leading To Mega Body Shaking Orgasms Tonight

One of the best tips for men is to learn how to use dirty texting conversations and dirty talking to really raise the sexual energy.

Most men are not that comfortable with starting to use talking dirty. I suggest to just follow the tips below and you will find it a lot easier than you think.

One of the best ways to start is to use dirty texting. Just think of some things you would like to do to your lover tonight and send them. Start with something not too erotic to see how she responds.

A dirty texting example of this would be. “I just want to hold you in my arms tonight and melt into you”.

If she replies, dirty text to make her wet you can start to get more suggestive. After a few text messages you can really get into the dirty side. Just describe in a lot of detail want you want to do to her.

For men, a good tip is to talk about how you will feel when you do this. Most women love to hear their lovers emotions as well as their desire.

One generally uses 4 letter words instead of nice words like penis and vulva.

Why Does Talking Dirty Work?

The reason is that it allows a man to get into a more powerful masculine energy that most women crave. Another tip is to only use this method when your lover is really turned on when you make love. If you try when she is not hot, she most likely will just laugh!



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