Which Overseas Real Estate Buyers are Purchasing in Turkey?

In March of this year, 73,000 overseas investors bought more than 38.4 million m2 in Turkey. Investors from Germany prefer Antalya, whilst Mugla is most popular with UK-based purchasers.

The Top 3 regions preferred by investors are:

Mugla 4.5 million m2

Antalya 3.8 million m2

Aydin 3 million m2

The Top 3 regions according to investor numbers are:

Antalya 26,000

Istanbul 13,000

Mugla 8,850

Popular Locations

The most popular location in Turkey for foreign investment is Antalya, buy a house in turkey and get citizenship with 26,031 people purchasing 19,138 properties. 12,865 people bought in Mugla – with its popular destinations such as Bodrum. 8,815 people purchased in Istanbul, and 7,415 people bought 5,346 properties covering over 3 million square metres in Aydin, near to touristic locations such as Kusadasi and Didim.

Official Registration Figures, March 2008

Number of people carrying out real estate purchases in Turkey

UK 20,148

Germany 15,578

Greece 11,063

Ireland 4,757

Denmark 4,450

Holland 4,073

Norway 2,910

Austria 1,618

Belgium 1,227

France 887

The table above shows pretty much what would be expected, with the UK and Germany sitting proudly at the top of the league table, with only Greece able to come near to the number of individuals buying property in Turkey.

These figures however become far more interesting when we look at the actual numbers and size of properties purchased, again broken down by nationality. Germany now leapfrogs the UK to take pole position. Germans bought 16,761 properties totalling a staggering 17.7 million m2. This figure dwarfs the 5 million m2 that British buyers bought, with 14,010 properties making up this figure. Perhaps most surprisingly, Austria has stormed up the table and now takes third position. Only with 1,618 individual Austrians purchased a total of 3.6 million m2 of land, with 2,220 properties in Turkey.

Apartments or Land? Different Investment Strategies.

When it comes to apartment and flat ownership, the UK again tops the league. UK owners bought 2.3million m2 of apartments and flats, compared to the second-placed country, Germany, whose flat purchasers only bought 1.2million m2.

These figures show an interesting difference between the types of purchasing in the largest buyer nations of Germany, UK and Austria. Where a large number of the residents of the UK prefer to invest in and purchase real estate and housing, their German and Austrian counterparts concentrate more on the purchase of land.



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