Top 10 Christmas Gifts For Girls in 2009 – What They Really Want

It can be a challenge finding just the right gift for girls come the Christmas season. There are so many different toys and games out there that it can often be overwhelming. We understand this frustration which is why we have put together this Top 10 Christmas Gifts For Girls In 2009 List. The following list is ten solid gift ideas that are listed in alphabetical order. Enjoy!

1. 50th Anniversary Barbie Doll

The 50th Anniversary Barbie Doll is a special new Barbie doll that is designed to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Barbie. This doll is very pretty and would be well received by many girls.

2. Candy Bead Studio

The Candy Bead Studio is a nice, agenzia web marketing roma inexpensive gifts for girls that is fun for them. This one lets them create candy jewelry in a number of different ways. Great fun they can share with their friends.

3. Disney Netpal

The Disney Netpal is children’s laptop that is full of great games and children’s information that kids will like. This one is also setup to have as many safety controls in place as parents like too.

4. Girl Gourmet Cake Bakery

The Girl Gourmet Cake Bakery is a creative gift idea for girls. This one lets them make and style their own cakes. Another clever gift that can become addictive. ageniza comunicazione bologna

5. My First Lab Duo Scope Microscope

The My First Lab Duo Scope Microscope is a great learning toy that can be a great supplement to a child’s science education. Even better is this children’s microscope is really well built and has two different light sources. verified members la

6. Pixos Chixos Pink Luxury Loft

The Pixos Chixos Pink Luxury Loft is a stylish gift idea that allows girls to play house in this modern dollhouse that will be a lot of fun moving around furniture and the characters.

7. Printies Jungle Safari Design Studio

The Printies Jungle Safari Design Studio is a high tech gift idea that allows kids the ability to create their own stuffed animals and print them out on their printer. This is a nice safe toy that will put their creativity to the max. cake labs

8. Strawberry Shortcake Berry Café Playset

The Strawberry Shortcake Berry Café Playset is a new toy from a classic brand name that is sure to impress a whole new generation of girls. This one is also sweet smelling and has just the right blend of fun characters and parts in it.

9. Zambi The Baby Elephant

The Zambi The Baby Elephant is a stuffed animal made by Fur Real Friends®. This company has developed a strong reputation for making high quality robotic stuffed animals that look just like their respective animal. In this one, Zambi will make trumpeting sounds and even wrap his trunk around the child’s finger.

10. Zhu Zhu Pets Hamster

The Zhu Zhu Pets Hamster is probably a gift that you have already heard of as the hysteria of this one is out of control. However, at its base, this is a nice furry little hamster toy that girls will love seeing in zoom around on the floor. The good news for parents is there are a large number to choose from.



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