Book Summary Pitch Anything – An Innovative Method for Presenting and Winning the Deal by Oren Klaff

You need to be able to sell in every profession regardless if you are a lawyer, accountant, doctor, dentist or microbiologist. Again all fields require you to sell. If you have an idea that will drive your team then you need to sell it. Lawyers and accountants have to have clients to do work for which requires selling.

Why is this important to me?

I am not doing this summary to waste your time. It is my vision to provide concise action steps that you can adopt right now to enhance your financial life. In order to be effective at selling, you need to be able to influence and persuade, PERIOD. These two attributes require confidence and guts. Bottom line is that 95% of the sales people today are not qualified to do the job. Most will show up and throw up features and benefits and hope you will buy.

Hope is not a strategy. One required sales activity is to book a meeting with a prospect. Here is an example – An amateur salesperson makes a follow up call on marketing lead and says – “I see that you downloaded our e-book, was it informative? – Yes – Great, Buy Study Summaries is there anything else I can help you with? – No – OK well how about I follow up with you in 6 months to see if things have changed. – Sure! This simple interaction is being said right now by thousands of sales people who think it is working. This solidifies that hope is not a strategy.

Pitch Anything really focuses on the meeting and presentation portion of the deal. I will talk about three main concepts and dive into the What, Why and How answers.

Frame Control – What is a Frame? Oren discusses several types of frames – Power Frame, Analysts Frame and Time Frame. Frames are energy fields and perspectives between people. Controlling frames is critical in winning deals. This is rooted in brain development and Oren spends time discussing the Croc Brain which is the primitive brain. Frames are rooted in the croc brain. The croc brain controls your flight / fight and friend / foe chemical reactions. Think of frame control as being the alpha dog or pack leader.

Frame Control – Why is this important? Most sales people present to the higher intelligent brain and ignore the Croc Brain. This is a problem because if you ignite a threat, the prospect will not hear anything else about your pitch. The words simply become white noise. The person who owns the frame controls the meeting. Frame control happens all the time between people.

Frame Control – How does it work? The best way to show this is by contrasting example:

a.) Lost Frame Control – You set up a meeting with the decision maker and his team. You show up and they agreed to a 1 hour meeting. The meeting starts and the main decision maker shows up and looks at his watch and says – I have 10 minutes let’s go. This is his attempt at controlling the frame. The bad salesmen will agree and start rushing the presentation. 99% of the time this wimpy action results in no money.

b) Having Frame Control – Let’s use the same practice questions scenario about and now change the action. The professional salesmen will simply gather his things and say – “We agree to a one hour meeting and I understand things come up. Let’s reschedule the meeting and you and your team can come to my office. The pro does this as he begins to leave. 99% of the time, the decision maker will back track and try to keep you there which give YOU frame control. This simple act exudes confidence and leadership. People want to buy from leaders.

There are countless examples of this throughout Pitch Anything and I have experienced all of them. I want to give more examples and outline successful pitches from my perspective that illustrate Oren’s point. There are two critical things you need and they are guts and humor. Pulling off gutsy techniques require humor because anytime you piss people off then they will not want to work with you.

Pitch Anything is rooted in neuroscience and brain function. Oren has studied this for over 10,000 hours and I can say that it works. I want to profile some examples:

1. My biggest deal – My team and I walk in and are ready for the meeting. I am prepared with a tight script and ready to go. There are 20 people in the room and the winning bidder will bag a seven figure deal which is large considering the average PO in the industry is $25,000. I know that controlled interaction within a room environment is critical for success. Here is the opening dialog and battle for frame control: Me: guides and other study documents for all subjects Thank you for inviting us in, what I would like to do is go around the room for introductions and have you state two main goals you would like to get out of this meeting today. Prospect: You were given the agenda and no questions or dialog will happen until after the presentation so we will not go around the room, now get started with your software presentation. At this point, my underwear is around my ankles and lost total frame control. I knew I had to get it back so as we started through our presentation I would ask questions and then pull back and joke with the group that it was not allowed. The big boss asked a question of me and I said – I cannot answer you yet. This removed all tension and showed the prospect that I was confident. Once I joked with the main boss then I knew I had control back.



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