Secrecy Surrounds The Launch Of The Samsung Galaxy S3

Rumours have been circulating about the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy S3 phone since the beginning of the year. It is widely expected that we will see a summer 2012 launch of this model but many people are surprised that we have not seen any leaked photographs that give us an idea about the design of the new handset. This lack of images is no great surprise when you see the measures that Samsung have put in place to keep their new model under wraps.

It seems as though Samsung have taken a leaf out of Apples book with the secrecy surrounding the Galaxy S3. Apple are famous for implementing strict procedures that ensure that only a handful of people know the official design of their new models. Samsung have been hard at work ensuring that the launch of this new model maintains an air of mystery and thus increases speculation among consumers and industry experts. ETNews, 야동사이트 a South Korean news site has reported that the design of this model is so secret that even the people who are currently testing the model do not have a clue about the design. This is because Samsung are using versions of the model that are hidden inside an external casing. This means that the testers can experience the full operation of the device without ever knowing what it looks like. This means is that nobody working with the handset can reveal details about the device prior to its official launch.

Measures like this may seem a little extreme but devices like the new Samsung Galaxy S3 and the iPhone 5 create some of the most frenzied interest when the are due to be launched. Part of the reason behind this is the lack of information that is available to the public prior to the official unveiling. There are some elements about this new model that we do know for certain but the design remains a mystery. We know that the model will feature a new quad core processor in a bid to compete with some of the leading phones currently available. We also know that Samsung will be looking to increase the screen size from the 4.3 inch display that was used on the Galaxy S2. Despite facts like these being common knowledge it is hard to envisage the changes without seeing the final design of the model.

It may not be long until we see official pictures of the new Samsung Galaxy S3 but until we do it looks as though we will be kept guessing about the final design thanks to the measures taken by Samsung to keep it a closely guarded secret.



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