Newborn Baby Clothing – Where and How to Get the Best!

Let’s face it shopping for funky newborn baby clothing is so much fun! And every new mummy wants their new offspring in super cool threads. Newborn babies

Well… there is no shortage of choice, there are literally thousands of shops and online stores that sell newborn baby clothing.

Finding the best shops and stores that you like, suit your taste, quality standards and budget is the hard part.

The good news is our team have spend hours trawling around hundreds of these shops and stores and have established a list of favourites that we recommend, trying to meet all the above requirements. mitmunk

As well as finding funky newborn baby clothing we have also established an ‘essentials’ items kit that must be on every new mums list of ‘must haves’. These are the extra comfortable, practical newborn baby clothing items for optimum newborn sleep and days at home. ozonepurity

The newborn baby clothing we have found is certainly a little bit funky, a little bit cute, quality is good, prices are affordable, and they are definitely a little bit cool!

The newborn ‘essentials’ clothing kit on our favourites list includes things like, singlets, socks, hat, bodysuits, wraps and more. With this ‘essentials’ newborn baby clothing kit you also receive a newborn ‘essential items’ free baby samples bag, that includes things like, a soother, milk/food storage cup, disposable change mat, baby wipes, breast pads, creams and more – free. minebook

All favourites on our list cover baby boy clothes and baby girl clothes.

Having a newborn baby is such an exciting time, it can also be quite a challenging time, expending all your time and energy. As well as providing newborn baby clothing information and places which is so much fun. We also provide essential free information to assist all the beautiful new mummy’s out there. Just about every baby subject is covered, such as breastfeeding, postnatal depression, newborn sleep, crying baby information, baby weeks and stages, newborn care and generally baby information, and if its not we will help find the answer for you! the 1010

At Ask Nana Daphne we are super passionate about supporting new mums and their babies. Providing free helpful, useful information on everything baby is our priority!



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