Talk Fusion Review – Is Talk Fusion Worth a Serious Look?

There’s some recent buzz about a Network Marketing company called Talk Fusion. Their main product is a proprietary video technology, that allows users to actually send an embedded video in an e-mail. The receiver can open the e-mail in their browser, without having to click a link and be taken to an external site. And get this, it even can be viewed on your iPhone. fusionblog

While that sounds really cool, does it make Talk Fusion a legitimate business opportunity or will they become just a passing fad?

Let’s address the first question that everyone wants to ask – Is Talk Fusion A Scam?

It’s easy to simply label all MLM companies as “scams”. The truth is that some are and some are not. In my opinion, Talk Fusion falls into the latter category, but you will need to make that determination for yourself.

Talk Fusion offers a full range of video products, including: video e-mails, video blogging, video auto-responders and video conferencing for up to ten people. These are products that can appeal to a wide ranging marketplace, both for personal and business use. From Soccer Moms to Corporate Presidents. omegawriter

And because this a digital technology, it represents a global opportunity, with customers in more than 85 countries worldwide, according to CEO, Bob Reina.

Talk Fusion is also riding the wave of one of the hottest trends out there right now – Social Media. You know, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and all that. In fact, the company just launched Fusion Wall, a video sharing site, comparable to YouTube.

The company itself seems to be on the up-and-up, holding membership in the Direct Selling Association. The cost to join is reasonable – less than $200 up front, with only a $20 monthly requirement. And unlike companies selling heath or skin care items, there are no boxes of pills, potions or lotions to clutter up the garage, or give away to neighbors before the next round of auto-ship arrives.

Even better, all of those other network marketers comprise a perfect target audience, as they could use Talk Fusion video technology to promote their own MLM. How’s that for a large, For more info please visit these sites :-
untapped segment of potential customers?

What about the compensation plan? It’s a binary, which some people like because it only has two legs to fill. Others, not so much. The good thing is that money can be earned from directly marketing the product to individuals and small businesses. So, if you like more of a direct sales model, rather than the typical MLM “opportunity” pitch, then this may appeal to you.

So yes, Talk Fusion does seem to be worth checking out. As always though, any MLM business will require hard work, proper marketing strategies and old fashioned perseverance to succeed.



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