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Not too long ago I was cleaning out my purse figuresmagazine trying to free up some space from the depths of the interior (I am firmly convinced my purse is bigger on the inside, by the way). In the process I discovered a bunch of brochures I had collected while on vacation about a month ago. It’s that image, of me sitting there on my couch flipping through a bunch of brochures about winery tours and local maps, that inspired this article, a basic overview of pamphlet and magazine racks. So many places, whether it’s a school, commitmagazine a restaurant, tourist center, retail stores, and so on like to bring different types of brochures into their establishments. They’ve been incorporating this technique into their promotional schemes for years, so obviously it works and works sustainably as well. I can vouch for this – I’ve been known to pull a book off of one of my book shelves and open it up, only for a brochure (in a foreign language from a semester abroad ten years back, no less) to fall from the pages and flutter delicately to the floor. Given that people do hold onto their pamphlets for so long, it’s worthwhile for places to consider working them into the interior décor. youngmagazines

The fact is, incorporating pamphlets, brochures, and magazines is a great way to provide customers and guests with pertinent information quickly. Think of the last time you were in a hotel for vacation and stopped by the rack at the concierge’s desk to pick up a few brochures in an attempt to figure out which touristy spot you’d like to visit that day. Guests (in stores and other places – museums, universities, etc.) like having all of that information right at their fingertips and easily accessible. This is also a great way to free up the staff to handle the more detailed queries, helping to keep things running smoothly because the brochures are handling the basics. leadersmagazine

Another reason for the brochures is how they enforce branding and brand recognition. When your pamphlet falls out of a notebook of mine five years after I initially picked it up, it’s a near guarantee I’m going to remember you. To put it in more general terms, a brochure will help ensure your name sticks with your customers even after they’ve left your establishment. They can revisit your products at home, learn more details about your company and offerings, and be encouraged to return to your place. It’s a subtle form of marketing, but a highly effective one that will keep bringing the customers back. For more info please visit these sites:-

What different types of magazine racks and pamphlet holders could you opt for? You’ve got plenty of choices, but one of the most commonly found designs is a floor-standing pedestal style model. If you do an online search for magazine and brochure stands, you’ll find that there are stands that hold just one (1) or two (2) brochures for pinpointed promotions which can be placed nearby a specific product. You can also go for models that hold hundreds of brochures in one convenient and organized way. This is the type you’ll see more in a hotel or a tourist center. Some designs are static while other models incorporate a spinning motion to let you fit more pamphlets on a smaller footprint. There are also designs that feature a space for an additional related poster. A good, well planned poster or art print is truly eye-catching and adds an extra level of aesthetics and efficiency to your display.

If you’re looking for a display that’s a little more compact and won’t take up floor space then a wall mounted design may be best. These designs are great for smaller stores or as an accent to such spots as office waiting rooms. The one downside to these models is that they probably won’t be able to hold as much as a floor standing rack, so keep that in mind when you’re planning out how many you’d like to set up in a location.

And then there are the occasions when you have to take your promotions directly to the people. You may have a home base, but sometimes you’d like to set up booths at trade shows or conventions to reach a new audience. Tabletop displays and folding racks are a great way to keep all that literature organized and directly where you know passersby and potential customers will get the best view of them. A good portable model should be lightweight and can fold down easily into a compact package so that transporting the structure isn’t a hassle. You also run into a size issue with portable designs, as they’re not able to hold as much as a standard free-standing model would. However, they’re easy to refill, so just keep a stock of replacement brochures on hand and re-load the stand up when necessary.

When searching for your ideal magazine rack, don’t just stop at the first one you see. The whole host of styles out there, crafted from such durable and high quality materials as wood, wire, and acrylic, give you designs that are capable of working well with many different styles of interior décor. Not to mention how infinitely practical they are when it comes to reaching your customers and guests. Good luck finding the brochure holder or magazine display that works best for you!



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