Dark Revelations Concerning the Life of A.E. Waite and the Secret Societies

Much has been written about the secret societies. In more recent times, the respected Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn has received considerable attention from occult scholars for its undeniable contribution to western mysticism. At this point, I have not familiarized myself with what has been written on the history of this esoteric order. If I did, such knowledge would only serve to confuse the information in this paper. Again, charteracatamaraninthebvi I do not know if any factual data exists to support the controversial statements that follow. The information in this paper comes exclusively from contact with my Greater-Self. However, higher knowledge acquired through communication with otherworldly sources is at the heart of occult science and the mystical arts. Information from a spiritual source can neither be substantiated nor invalidated through modern scientific examination. This makes statements like the ones made in this article the subject of intense debate.

Please understand that this article is not an attack on the reputation and character of any modern-day Golden Dawn order or secret society. Nor is it meant to detract from the achievements made by the members of the secret societies mentioned in this paper.

Anyone reading this article is most likely familiar with the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, which was active in the late 19th century. Arthur Edward Waite was a principle of this mysterious order. I have made my past life relationship with Arthur Waite known in other articles. I am not going to go into detail as to why I believe this spiritual connection to be true in this paper.

In the past week (at the time of this writing), cosmedclini I acquired a general awareness of the shrouded history of the Golden Dawn and Arthur Waite’s role in it. I also became cognizant of my other past lives (Although not of any specific lifetime). This awareness came to light during a week- long past life regression class. I did not have a hypnotic past life experience in this workshop, so I do not know the details of what occurred in my time with the Golden Dawn or of my past-life personalities. I do have a sense of the disturbing activities of many secret societies throughout history. I assume this information has been omitted from occult literature because no evidence of wrongdoing on the part of the secret societies has ever been brought to light.

In the past life seminar I attended, I became aware of my Higher-Self or Greater-Self. Arthur seems to prefer the term Greater-Self. For a brief time, I actually became my higher power as if it were residing within my body. My Greater-Self became one with me for a short time. My Greater-Self indicates that the secret societies of the past were orders that sought power, and aligned themselves with what they believed were powerful and fearsome dark forces. I will address the Dark Ones shortly.

The secret societies were not solely organized to conceal the identities of its members from public ridicule as I had been telling people. Many of the mystical orders of the past chose to hide their activities for reasons other than fear of persecution (That’s not to say this was not an issue at that time). I have only been fooling myself by perpetuating this myth. The need for anonymity may be reasonable for modern Rosicrucian orders and other mystical groups whose members are career professionals with reputations to uphold.

Many people are under the false impression that higher powers are the epitome of goodness and benevolence. This is not always the case. A Higher-Self or Greater-Self can only guide a person according to its level of understanding in the spiritual growth process. A Greater-Self’s capacity to recognize its role in human relationships may or may not assist a person in making the right choice. The incarnated spirit is exclusively accountable for its behavior.

Collective beings such as higher powers are evolving as much as individual spirits are. A higher power uses parts of itself in the form of living beings to participate in physical reality and learn from its experiences. Throughout each lifetime valuable experiences are added to the Greater-Self and as a result, the spiritual growth process is facilitated. By challenging itself, bostonhaikusociety the Greater-Self, through its individual parts, experiences an expansion of consciousness. The Greater-Self is learning and processing information, as much as it’s individual parts. This activity is understood by mystics as the pursuit of perfection. It is a perpetual process of refinement. As the Greater-Self grows in understanding, so will the individual spirit have access to its vast storehouse of spiritual knowledge.

As I previously stated, it is the nature of the Greater-Self to arrange challenges for itself to promote the growth process. A person may face hardship and conflict that must be overcome so that lessons may be had. Many people experience significant physical, emotional, and mental impairments that can only be prevailed upon through careful self-examination. Triumph over adversity often results personal transformation.

My Greater-Self is a collective entity (as are all higher powers), which, throughout the centuries, has sought to dominate the lives of others. My Greater-Self was on a quest for power and control. I believe that its victims were incidental and not necessarily part of a pre-life contract. I mean that my Greater-Self’s victims were merely part of its spiritual growth process. They just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. I believe that there have been times when tragic encounters with my past life personalities did occur as part of a pre-life contract. I am not aware of any specific contractual arrangements in my long history.



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