Choose Where You Want to Go With a Mediterranean Cruise Deal

For those travelers who want to sample a wide variety of rich culture and history, then embarking on a Mediterranean Sea cruise will leave all of them wanting more. With around 50 cruise lines operating in the Mediterranean Sea and over fifty ports of call, adventurous travelers have a plethora of choices for a Mediterranean cruise deal. Mediterranean cruises can vary in length, but many of the larger cruise lines offer voyages that will range from 10 to 14 days, and points of departure are flexible along the cruise’s route.

A common theme among these cruise lines is to break down the cruise into categories of both Western Eastern Mediterranean, and the Holy Land.

Western Mediterranean cruises can include stops in Spain, France and the western coast of Italy. Almost all of the Western cruises will stop in both Barcelona, Spain and Rome, Mediterranean Cruise Travel Italy. For many of the larger cruise lines these cities can also be both an embarkation or debarkation point. Situated just 90 miles (145 km) from the border of France, the cosmopolitan city of Barcelona is the capitol of Spain’s Catalonia region. Visiting the amazing Picasso Gallery and enjoying a nice serving of paella, the national dish of Spain, at a local restaurant are two of the more popular activities for visiting travelers.

When Mediterranean Sea cruise ships head for Italy, many of them will stop in Civitavecchia, known as the gateway city to Rome. A lot of travelers could spend several weeks in Rome taking in all of the historical sites of the ancient city, however, the tight schedule of a cruise line doesn’t allow enough time for this. A day in Rome might include a trip to the Colosseum, tours of both the Sistine Chapel or the Vatican, and a coin toss in the famous Trevi Fountain, all of which after having tasted some of the local pasta.



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